SVK - USA Friendly bi-national game

Slovensko - USA

Date/ Time/ Place of game/ Price
14.11.2009 16:00  (Kickoff on 16:05 ). Stadium ŠK Slovan Bratislava, price from 10,-eur/301,26 Skk

Ticket prices:

I. Category (covered grandstand - AT, BT) 25,- EUR/753,15 Skk
II. Category (uncovered grandstand - AS, BS) 15,- EUR/451,89 Skk
III. Category (for the goal - CS, DS) 10,- EUR/301,26 Skk
Business tickets 100,-eur/3012,6 Skk

Regulation organizer: sell a maximum of 4 tickets per person for more than 1 student ticket!! In case of violation of this regulation will be penalized by point of sale!

Discounted tickets to the CS sector will be sold for STUDENT card with photo holder ISIC index, Euro <26, parents can buy a ticket for a child to 15 years, but the child must go to the stadium accompanied by an adult and retirees who show pensioner card for the price of 5 - EUR/150, 63 Skk

Tickets for SVK - USA