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Adriano Trinidade - Brazilian Jazz

Adriano Trinidade - Brazilian Jazz



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Adriano Trindade lives in Berlin, Germany, and is considered the precursor of samba rock on the European continent, and one of the most important representatives of Brazilian Jazz in the world. Having performed concerts and shows in 56 countries around the world, both in jazz clubs and renowned festivals, such as Ronnie Scott in London, North Sea Jazz in Amsterdam, 38 Riv in Paris and Prague Jazz Festival in the Czech Republic, Adriano Trindade accumulates tours through the European continent where he is already performing in 2023 with the new show.
On his latest album “A New Experience” (2022) , Trindade is collaborating with a new team of excellent musicians. Brazilian musicians of the highest calibre, such as Maestro Jota Moraes (Pianos and Arrangements), Edu Ribeiro (Drums), Paulo Calasans (Keyboards), André Vasconcellos (Bass), and other incredible musicians are joining. The compositions are all by Adriano Trindade, in partnership with other composers, such as Hugo Fattoruso, Gelson Oliveira, Tonho Crocco, Antonio Villeroy, and others.

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