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Dátum: 18. októbra 2024
Miesto: Majestic Music Club, Bratislava
Adresa: Karpatská 2, Bratislava


Okt 2024
Majestic Music Club


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Over the past year, we've come up with a formula for the group's life, which, at least so far, we've been able to stick to. The formula of Boombox life is as follows: the gang spends 2-3-4 weeks in a row on tour abroad, after returning to Ukraine, part of the group goes to their units at the front, part deals with the affairs of the Andrii Khlyvnyuk Foundation, and part volunteers. Two or three months pass and the band goes to concerts again. After traveling around the USA, Canada, Europe, Great Britain, thanks to your donations and money received from ticket sales and merchandising, we bought a whole bunch of things necessary for the Armed Forces, from pickups and UAVs to communication equipment and ammunition.

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