The data on the ticket can be changed by the ticket owner under a user account on the website registered to the e-mail address to which the ticket owner specified to send the tickets when purchasing, and these tickets are archived in his orders in this account.

After editing the name, only the name on the ticket changes, not the ticket owner!

Log in to your user account. If you haven't created an account yet, create one to the e-mail address to which you had the tickets sent when you bought them.

If you are not the owner of the tickets and you have the tickets from another source, it is not possible to make the change or request it in any other way.


Data editing procedure

Step 1.: After logging in to, click on “my account” - "my orders" section and search for the order on which you want to change the data. Then click on "Change personal data on ticket”:

Step 2.: You must mark the ticket where you wish to change the information (e.g. name). If you wish to change information on several tickets, you must mark the tickets where you want to change the information. The fee is charged for each ticket separately. After paying the fee, you will be able to change your data within 24 hours of paying it.

Step 3.: Choose the method of payment of the fee and click the pay button.

Step 4.: After successful payment of the fee…..

... it will be possible to change your personalized data in the section of my orders for specific tickets by clicking on the box "Data change allowed until".

Attention, you have 24 hours to make the change from the payment of the fee - the date and time until the change needs to be made will be displayed. If you did not have time to make the change, it is possible to pay the fee for changing the data again.


Step 5.: Enter a new first and last name and save the changes.

Step 6.: The changes are saved. You can print the ticket with a new name.