Summer Shakespeare's Festival 2012 will be ruled by comedies
Summer Shakespeare's Festival with its own priduction of Shakespeare's titles has became an integral part of Bratislava's summer. Great cooperation with Prague and Ostrava provides an annual hosting performances created in Ostrava and Prague.
Comedy as a genre is often condemned and cursed by theatre theorists as well as by creators and theatre proffesionals. But they are obviously wrong. To make audience laugh or smile is usually the toughest task. Shakepseare's comedies are specific. This year, we have decided for the The Two Gentlemen of Verona title, which is probably Shakespeare's dramatic debut. It has the smallest cast of all his plays and it is the first time that he used the identity confusion, women in male disguise. Despite that it is an early, less known play, it is a perfect comedy full of puns and emotional turnovers, where Shakespeare showed all his poetic and dramatic talent. The play is full of music, stage movement and inteligent humor.
The festival also prepared the last year's favorit and completetly sold-out title Richard III. Richard is one of the most famous characters and no wonder that it was represented in the film version by actor Laurence Olivier.
SSF Slovakia 2012 will introduce for the last time the Antony and Cleopatra title, which has been in the repertoire for four years. Festival program will also revive the comedy title and last year's premiere -  Taming of the Shrew.

Summer Shakespeare's Festival 2012
extends the festival in the beautiful nature of Zvolen castle, where exclusive performances like Merry Wives of Windsor and Eye for an Eye will be introduced.