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1/ I need an additional proof of payment beside ticket itself, can you issue a receipt?

If you need an additional receipt beside ticket itself, which is already a proof of payment, you have to ask for it before purchasing a ticket and it is possible only at headquarters of Ticketportal, Radlinského street nr. 27, Bratislava, Slovakia. You can contact us by email:  or by phone: +421 2 529 333 23. Mind you, We cannot issue an additional receipt after purchasing a ticket.


2/ How to print HOMEticket?

We recommend checking procedure and settings for ticket printing before printing HOMEticket on


3/ We paid for tickets over the internet, but in the section "My Ticketportal" they are still unpaid.

Process of payment wasn't ended properly. You can contact us by email: or by phone: +421 2 529 333 32. We will check your payment with bank and contact you with further information.


4/ On the event page, there is a quote: "Temporarily unavailable". What does it mean?

Currently there is no ticket left. However there is a possibility of capacity increase or some reservations can be cancelled. You should continuously check the event page or you can use a feature called "Tiketáčik" that will check it for you.


5/ I forgot my credentials and when I try to make a new registration, there is a message: "This email address is already in use". Can you help?

You can send us an email to with your registration email address. We can find out your username based on this email address and you can generate new password afterwards by clicking on "Forgot your password". We recommend changing password after login. You can do it in the "Change your account" section.


6/ We have booked (or purchased) tickets to the show, where can we pick them up?

You can pick up your tickets at any of our outlets all over Slovakia. You can also pick up reservations for some events in the foreign network of Ticketportal. The list of outlets can be found on our website in the "Outlets" section, where you can verify whether you can pick up your tickets from your selected outlet.


7/ Is it possible to purchase or pick up tickets for events in Slovakia in the Czech Republic?

Yes it is. Our internal linking allows you to purchase or pick up your tickets even in the Czech Republic. You can find the list of outlets at in the section "selling places". Similarly, it also works on the Polish and Hungarian Ticketportal site.


8/ We are interested in tickets for the show, which takes place at the O2 Arena in Prague, where we can buy them?

All events held at the O2 Arena in Prague can only be purchased directly in the Czech Republic. You can make a reservation at It will be valid for 24 hours. You can pay only at selected outlets in the Czech Republic.


9/ I bought tickets for the show, but I'm not interested in tickets anymore (e.g. for personal reasons). Where and how do I return them?

Bought tickets can be returned only in the case when the show was cancelled or changed. If you bought them via internet by online payment, according to the law "108/ 2000 O ochrane spotrebiteľa pri podomovom a zásielkovom predaji" (Regard to consumer protection in mail order and door to door business), you are entitled to a refund within 7 working days. In the case of sale termination your request will be forwarded to organizer. Unfortunately, it is not possible to return bought tickets in other cases.


10/ Why I can't return tickets of cancelled or changed events in either of Ticketportal outlet? It is still Ticketportal and you are interconnected..

Tickets can be returned only at the selling outlet where they were purchased, unless instructions say otherwise. The exception is the online payment which can only be returned at the headquarters of Ticketportal, Radlinského 27, Bratislava, Slovakia or by a written request to
Selling outlets are separate legal entities that are in contractual relationship with Ticketportal SK, s.r.o. and their founder isn't Ticketportal SK, s.r.o. itself.


11/ I want to apply a discount to the show, but I can't do it via internet.

We are trying to publish information about the discounts on our Ticketportal website for individual events. Discounts which verify reason for the application (CKM) can be applied directly at the online payment or you can apply them at our selling outlets. In this case we recommend warning the vendor in advance that you are interested in applying discounts.


12/ I want to pick up my already paid tickets but I don't have the verification code. What should I do?

You can easily make a new verification code after log in to your Ticketportal account. In the reservation detail, click on "Change verification code". After changing verification code, you can pick up your tickets at selling outlet. At selling outlet You will be asked for variable symbol and verification code. Mind you, only one figure isn't enough to pick up tickets.


13/ The reservation is valid until 1st of January 2012 11:59:59 PM. Does it mean 1st of January is included - am I right?

Validity of the reservation will ends at midnight from 1st of January 2012 to 2nd of January 2012, unless the instructions of organizer will be specified otherwise. That menas that on the 1st of January 2012 will be able to pick up the reservation on our selling outlets or pay it online via internet.

14/ I can't book tickets for the event. There is no such option to choose, only deselect and buy online via internet.

If you are logged in and you do not have the option to book tickets, the only possibility is to pay online via internet or purchase tickets without reservation at one of our selling outlets.


15/ We were at the event, which was canceled and nobody told us about cancellation. Even at the event itself there was no such information. Why?

In the case of cancellation or change of the event, we inform those clients from which we have a contact. If you want to be contacted in the future of such changes, we recommend that you fill out the registration and truthfully state the e-mail contact or telephone contact. The organizer is responsible for the information about cancellation or change of the event at the venue. Ticketportal isn't responsible for the conduct and organization of the event itself. On the basis of the contractual relationship with the organizer about the mediation, Ticketportal will provide sale of the tickets.


16/ I paid for the tickets over the internet and I selected the option to send them by mail but there is nowhere to put an address. Does it have to go only to the address stated at the registration?

The tickets will be sent to the address stated in the registration. If you are not registered and you choose the postal service, you are asked for an address where the tickets will be sent. Tickets are sent next business day after the payment, or within a few days. Upon written request, immediately after payment, the email address change will be accepted at Please, don't forget to state a reservation number or variable symbol so we can find it as soon as possible.


17/ Can I pay with gift coupons/vouchers in Ticketportal network?

You can pay with Ticketportal coupons or Benefit plus coupons. Actual list is stated in general business conditions.


18/ I damaged/threw away bought tickets by accident, can you make me new tickets?

If we can identify the owner of the tickets (tickets that have been lost, destroyed, washed, stolen or damaged) it is possible to make a duplicate after an agreement with the organizer for a fee (or proof of purchase of a particular place). We can accurately identify the owner of the tickets if you have booked your ticket or paid online. Contact us by email at or by phone at +421 2 529 333 23.


19/ I have booked tickets for a show but I don't want them all. Can it be cancelled?

If you have booked more tickets than you want, you can notify our vendor on selling outlet about your reservation that you take only a chosen number of tickets. Unpaid and unclaimed tickets after the date of validity will be automatically released for sale. If you want to pay the ticket over internet, we will cancel the reserved tickets. Just send as an email at or you can use a phone number +421 2 529 333 23.