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BEZ OBMEZHEN - Together to Victory

BEZ OBMEZHEN - Together to Victory



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BEZ OBMEŽEN - TOGETHER TO VICTORY CONCERT IN SUPPORT OF UKRAINE "Bez Obmezhen" is a Ukrainian band that gathers thousands of people in cities and millions of listeners on music platforms. Their work is the personification of the Ukrainian worldview - bold, sensual and unbreakable. People love Bez Obmezhen for their quality Ukrainian music, honesty and civic attitude. Since the first days of the war, the boys have been volunteering and giving concerts for the army and residents of cities liberated from occupation. The band's concerts have acquired a new meaning: they are a call to "Don't be silent" and a dedication to our "Heroes". And each ticket is not only a contribution to the armed forces, it is a contribution to the VICTORY of Ukraine!

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